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Not just on paper – the full study is also available in digital form from the DIN Consumer Council.

Not just on paper – the full study is also available in digital form from the DIN Consumer Council.

Studio dell’istituto DIN dà conferma a pdp

Today, technical documentation is an integral part of your product and a legal requirement, but it is also more than that. Good technical documentation can also be a tool for building and consolidating customer loyalty. Unprofessional instructions are annoying and frustrating and can be a real hazard for users, and this reduces confidence in your brand. This is all the more annoying when you have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in building that confidence with advertising and field service work. However, the other side of this coin is that a relatively small investment in professional documentation can reduce your liability risks, increase customer satisfaction and give your brand image a welcome boost.

The DIN report highlights the areas where manufacturers most frequently make mistakes in their technical documentation, drawing its findings from thirteen empirical studies, surveys and usability tests, tests by the German Stiftung Warenttest consumer products testing organisation and assessments by experts on consumer problems with instruction manuals.

The meta analysis confirms the importance for manufacturers of getting advice from specialised documentation service providers like pdp, pointing out that well-produced technical documentation can generate great overall benefits for companies.

This doesn’t only apply for new products but also for existing documentation. In fact, the arrival of the new Machinery Directive is an ideal opportunity to check existing documentation for user-friendliness and have it revised and updated by a professional agency if necessary.

Do you want to leverage your technical documentation to increase your customer satisfaction levels? Ask us about it – we can show you how.

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