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Translation memories

At pdp we use efficient translation memory and terminology management systems, which both improve quality and significantly reduce translation costs for our customers. The translation memory database created for each customer records every single sentence we translate for them. If the same sentence appears in another of the customer's documents it doesn't need to be translated again, and this reduces both the translation volume and your costs.

The savings can be very considerable, for example if the same sentences and phrases are used frequently in your web pages, product catalogues, brochures and installation and operating manuals.

Translation memory databases should not be confused with automatic translation systems, which often produce bizarre translations and wooden and stilted boilerplate text. A modern translation memory system automates the laborious process that experienced translators used to have to perform manually: comparing new texts with old ones translated for the same customer to make sure that everything matches. Now new text passages are identified automatically and can be translated in context, while the existing passages always remain the same. This makes the quality of the resulting text better than it would be without the help of translation memory.

Ask us, we'll be happy to show you how you how high the savings can be for your documents.

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