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Localisation of software, websites and printed documentation is more than just translation. Localisation also means adjusting the content, structures and procedures for the requirements of the culture and attitudes of users the target country. Professional translators who are native speakers and live in the target country are always the best choice for this work. Only they are aware of current trends and familiar with the state of the art in their own country. At pdp these native speaker translators work hand in hand with designers and programmers to optimise your application for each target market, or to produce a universal version that will appeal to the users in all your markets.

Ideally, it's always best to plan for the special requirements of the target markets in the original product planning phase. In addition to navigation structures and the size and length of dialogue fields in your software applications, this also includes things like colour schemes, image selection and the use of audio and speech elements. Printed documentation has additional requirements: For example, there are also cultural and national differences and preferences for layout, paper types and paper formats. Ask the experts at pdp – they will find an economical solution for your localisation project.

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