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Technical Translations

Successful international product marketing, global internet access and developments like the implementation of the new EU Machinery Directive are all increasing the demand for translation. The growing volume of documentation and the increasing number of target languages are making translation a major cost factor for technical documentation. However, at the same time it can also be a valuable marketing instrument.

Today's product liability legislation makes quality translations essential – you need experienced, competent technical translators and a reliable service provider. At pdp our over 30 years of experience in the business, plus around 200 native language translators, engineers and technicians for specialised subjects, provide a solid foundation for customer satisfaction.

Translation services you can trust don't have to be expensive. At pdp we use individual translation management and modern translation memory systems to bring the costs down significantly compared to conventional translation services – with higher quality and lower correction overheads.

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Talking point: Price calculators

Some translation agencies have "price calculators" on their websites. Is it really possible to calculate a price for technical translations without seeing the texts? We believe that the way a quote is calculated already says a great deal about how an agency does its work. We always perform an individual calculation for the text you need to translate, and we select the best translator for the job based on the subject matter and target language. Thanks to our over 30 years of experience this is nearly as fast as a price calculator, and it provides a better foundation for confidence. After all, incorrect technical translations can have catastrophic consequences, and even at best they are very embarrassing. You can depend on pdp.