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Databases and shops

Standard applications are often not the most efficient solution for managing your company's data. Customised databases with precisely tailored user interfaces, input forms and user groups can streamline your business processes and significantly improve your customer service.

The broad spectrum of applications we can offer includes intranet knowledge management systems, web-based shop systems and user data driven applications like individualised newsletter systems and spare parts databases that can be accessed by field staff using mobile devices.

It is always very important to avoid frustrating your users with slow response times. Only a well-designed and correctly-configured database can manage, process, analyse and output your data quickly and efficiently. The quality of the database programming has a big influence on the execution speed of programs and web applications, and thus also on customer and user satisfaction.

Careful and secure handling of the valuable data is also becoming increasingly important. Only a well-programmed database and reliable backup systems to protect the data against system failures can ensure that the integrity of your data will not be compromised.

It takes experienced programmers to manage all these many factors. The experts at pdp can program customised solutions for you with MySQL. Ask us for more information on the options for efficient data management in your company.

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Talking point: SQL

The advent of computers has made the management of large volumes of data increasingly easy. Data is now stored in databases to enable fast and simple access and the SQL language is now firmly established as the de-facto standard for modern databases. This standard ensures that your data is portable between different database implementations and makes your database independent of proprietary systems. Another big advantage is that there are now license-free SQL database systems that significantly reduce your project costs.