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Product configurators

Individually-configurable products and system solutions with a wide choice of options often make sales more difficult. In addition to this, customers often find it harder to place their orders correctly. A well-designed product configurator can be a great help here, both for your customers and for your sales and office staff.

The configurator can include realistic photos, symbolic representations and a variety of interactive elements, depending on the specific needs of your products and target audience. The software can also provide fast access to related technical documentation and additional advertising material.

A product configurator can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or combined with a website or a product database.

An intuitive administration interface and import functions for existing data further minimise your management overheads.

Good product configurators can also keep your order processing costs down. They speed up order placement and processing, ensure that the order specifications are technically correct and complete and reduce the number of complaints and returns.

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