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The Company

A highly-professional full-service agency, pdp supplies first-class technical documentation, localisation by qualified translators and marketing support of all kinds. In short, everything companies and public agencies need to make an impact and sell their products throughout Europe.

The great advantage for you as the customer is that you only need to deal with a single qualified partner for your documentation, publications, training materials and websites, including all aspects of production, printing and publishing. That saves you a lot of time and money, minimises correction work and ensures consistently high quality.

This is particularly valuable when you need to conform to strict legal requirements and technical standards. In today's competitive markets, it's reassuring to know that you can depend on a partner like pdp with more than 30 years of experience.

We take a positive approach and our highly-motivated and experienced staff are committed to building your success. The pdp team members are passionate about their work and about delivering the best possible service. This has earned us many long-term client relationships, and new clients almost always come back for more. Our successful growth speaks for itself, it is a tribute to our commitment to quality and our effective quality management.

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The pdp Success Story


Establishment of pdp as a service provider for technical documentation with a focus on industrial automation systems


Expansion, addition of mechanical engineering to technical documentation core competencies portfolio


Expansion, company headquarters moves to Duisburg

Addition of air conditioning and electrical engineering to technical documentation core competencies portfolio


Extension of company portfolio to include internet services and multimedia


Extension of company portfolio to include software development


Increase in capital stock of the GmbH company


Expansion and relocation, company moves to the Dieprahm Technology Park in Kamp-Lintfort near Düsseldorf


Further expansion, opening of the pdp UK office in Ramsgate