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Are you tired of working with advertising agencies that promote washing powder and mortgages and try to treat your technical products in the same way? Normal ad designers and copy writers often don't understand the features of your technology and have trouble communicating the subjective emotional experience of your product's benefits. With their engineering and technical background, the experts at pdp can gear your product information, brochures, catalogues and press releases to the precise needs of your target audience and market to stimulate the desire to buy. And the pdp team understands your technical documentation and is there to help you throughout, from the initial idea to the publication of the finished document or ad. No matter whether it is for a conventional printed product or a digital PDF, an e-commerce platform or an online database.

At pdp your layout and design are in the hands of experienced professional designers and graphic artists with years of experience. Product photos, graphics, diagrams and advertising copy are all developed by the same team, saving time and eliminating wastefully complex communication channels between different firms. All the processes are highly optimised – at pdp we put a big emphasis on economy and efficiency, something that sets us apart from some more traditional advertising agencies. For example, when you need catalogues and brochures in multiple languages we take the special requirements of all the languages involved into account right from the start, and we can deliver your publications in all the languages very quickly.

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