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Let pdp help you to make the Machinery Directive a competitive advantage.

The Machinery Directive – Opportunities and Pitfalls

The old 98/37/EC Machinery Directive now no longer applies. On 29 December 2009 it was replaced without a transition period by the new 2006/42/EC version, which is now in force in full throughout Europe. There are many significant changes in the new directive.

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DIN Institute study endorses pdp-style quality documentation

A study by the prestigious German DIN Institute, which administers the DIN standards, confirms the great importance of high-quality technical documentation. The study concludes that many user problems can be avoided when documentation is produced by qualified professional technical writers and translators.

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iDocu – who knows it all?

The new and free quiz-app of pdp is an amusing mix of questions in German language. Each question concerning the creation of a manual can be answered by one of three proposals. A short and amusing game for many occasions.

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